Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Adventures in Massage tHERapy

I'm starting a new adventure! I have a new career, blog and website and would love for you to check it out....because who doesn't love a good massage?!

After my wreck I eventually ended up going to physical therapy and while it was very good to do so, it felt like torture to me. The best part of the many times that I went, was this ONE time when my physical therapist massaged, briefly a knot in my trap (ie neck) and  it felt so good that I had a thought right then and there that I wanted to go into the therapy world somehow.

Fast forward three years and I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist! I currently work part time for a Chiropractic office that specializes in pain management and I LOVE it!  I also have an office space in Idaho Falls, Idaho, but we are currently in the market for a new home and I will have a home office where I will work from.

I have a blog through blogspot-- NUUMASSAGE.BLOGSPOT.COM  and I also Have a website NUU.MASSAGETHERAPY.COM of which I'm a member and they host the website. Alllsssoooooo, I'm on facebook and instagram.

I attended RCMT-Rexburg College of Massage Therapy and had a WONDERFUL experience! I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in going into this wonderful field.

So check out my links and tune in regularly to see what's happening in the world of massage therapy!

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