Monday, December 12, 2016


So our church burnt down last Tuesday, I had a root canal last Thursday and then a cold sore the next day after as a result (either from the stress of it all or the stress to my mouth--it happens nearly every time) I'm sending my step son, who has lived with us since he was 12, on a mission in two days, all the kids are now spending Christmas with us which was not what we were planning on ($!!!) and I woke up today with a happy heart. With no desire to be anything but happy. Like, Braylan happy. That annoying happy when there's nothing to be happy about kind of happy.
I consider it a true gift from above. A Christmas miracle. A tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father who knows what we need.
I don't know if this bliss will last longer than today and that tomorrow I'll be back to my grumpy cat self, but today I'll take it.
I'll swim in it until my fingers get prune-y. (Name that movie.)

Now, I have shopping to do, errands to run and FHE to plan. The last FHE with our prospective missionary for two years.

I'm so excited for him to serve a mission! He gets to go serve the people of  Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas. He gets to immerse himself in the spirit, happily serve the Lord and others and teach the gospel. So.....the same thing he's been doing forever.

What a happy day.

Thank you Heavenly Father!