Sunday, June 26, 2016

I'm Alive-The Rest Will Heal

This post is a journal entry more than a public blog post, but wanted to document the events that took place this last week.
Monday, June 20th I was in a single car accident and rolled my GMC Yukon.

Despite what could have been, I'm alive and the rest will heal.

As far as the accident is concerned, I don't remember

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fences-to keep some things in and some things out

So we let our chickens free range during the day and it's wonderful. They are fun, and funny and friendly and they roam around our ranch (hubby disagrees with the title hobby farm) and eat stuff. They come running when someone throws veggie scraps to them (except asparagus- they won't eat that) and they eat bugs and worms after it rains. They really eat everything (except asparagus) that we feed them, but that's also a problem because they would eat the garden if we let them. IMO there's no reason to go to all the work of planting if our lovely chickens just think our garden is there very own personal smorgasbord.
So I went all trump and built a fence.