Monday, October 1, 2012

dutch oven bag

Do you go camping?

Do you cook with a dutch oven?

Do you cook with a dutch oven while camping?

Do you hate the black, dirty mess you get when you pack away your dutch oven?

Well then I have something for you...

Homemade Idaho Potato Burlap Dutch Oven Cover

Custom Made to Order for your different sized dutch ovens.

Reinforced seams.  Double layer bottom. 

If you want to purchase one of these Dutch Oven bags, then go to my Etsy site.

If you want to make one, here is a basic tutorial.

 Measure dutch oven perimeter...

 ...and height, including handle in "up" position.

Measure a square the size of the measurements you just made.

Then double it.

Then cut those squares into circles.

 Then measure out a rectangle the height and circumference of your dutch oven.

Fold rectangle in half, and using a close stitch, sew up rectangle.  I'd use a french seam, or a reinforced seam and or zig zag to reinforce the very loose weaved jute.

Next, pin the double layer circles to the tube you just created by sewing the rectangle in half and sew on the circles.

 I checked mine to see if it fit.  It did...

Next I top stitched my seams.

 Lastly, I sewed a channel for the draw string to go through.

It fits.  It works.  It's really nice looking and my hubby will be very happy to have his dutch ovens protected.  When we go camping, it will keep all the stuff around the dutch ovens clean.

Smart idea hubs.

Again, if you'd just rather purchase one of these instead of make one, go to my etsy shop.

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