Friday, September 28, 2012

homemade weed killer

They say too much salt kills...

That may be why this homemade weed killer works so good.

I searched Pinterest for a homemade weed killer because, after pulling the tall easy weeds, I was done pulling.  The random grassy weedy things weren't really pulling out too easily so I thought I'd blast 'em until I realized that the big plastic jug of spray in the garage was bug killer not weed killer. 

I've seen homemade weed killer pinned here and there, but because I had a big plastic jug in the garage, I haven't even bothered to pin it...

What I didn't expect to see was this particular pin link up to  I love that it's a recipe because it included a nutrition facts label.  

There are 226,783.1 milligrams of sodium in this weed killer.  That'd kill anything...

Whoever thought up this weed killer is genius.  If the weeds aren't keeling over of stroke, they are having a heart attack.

Okay,...does this stuff work?!

You tell me what you think...


sprayed, after 24 hours

looks dead to me

My ten year old wanted to spray them. I'd say that this is kid friendly, no need to worry about toxic fumes in this stuff, unless you think vinegar is toxic.

So I say that this weed spray works.  I would think that most people have vinegar, salt and dish soap in their house.  

Whip a batch up if you realize that your big jug of spray in the garage is actually bug killer.  

tire popping "goat heads"

Here's the recipe:  (I quartered it)

Homemade Weed Killer

1 gallon vinegar
2 cups salt
8 drops dawn dish soap

Do NOT use this for weeds on your lawn... Just in sidewalk cracks, driveway cracks, rock beds and the like.  I wouldn't use it in a spot that you planned on planting anything in the near future.

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