Saturday, January 5, 2013

new year revolutions

I don't do new years resolutions.

Maybe I should, but I just think it's the worlds way and I don't do things the worlds way if I can help know like losing a ton of weight, or something big and nearly impossible (at least that's how it seems to me).  Or to organize my whole life.  Yeah right, that's gonna be life long task--or at least until the children leave the nest...

I, however, want to have more fun.

I have discovered that I'm a stick in the mud.

I'm not adventurous.  I am a home body.  If I had my druthers, I'd stay in.  A LOT.


I vow to have more fun this year.

I vow to let my hair down more.  To laugh more, dance more, go out more, take my kids swimming more, to be more adventurous!

I want to stress less, be more positive, happier.

I don't have a plan, like on Tuesday's, walk around the house with a smile on my face no matter what.

Hey...that's not a bad idea.

So because I think I've forgotten how, or maybe never knew how to have fun I looked on Pinterest.  I know, I know...but it did give me some good ideas like paint my nails with cute designs on them--heck just painting my nails would be something.

I have been thinking back to my childhood trying to remember what I did for fun and I guess I need to live on a few acres, build forts out of straw bales, play star wars, make a fossil by putting a leaf between two rocks, ride my bike, run away from home, pick berries, go to school and play with friends.  Go to relatives houses, make a sock doll, start a club, go swimming at star valley ranch, or in the horse watering trough.  Learn to cook something new, bake cookies and sell them door to door to earn money to buy a gum ball machine, go swimming, jump on the trampoline, ride 4 wheelers, go to the fair, have a snow ball fight, play kickball, run through the sprinkler, race, pick peas from the garden and eat them fresh...

Ahh....just reminiscing about my childhood was fun.

I guess that's a good start. : )


  1. I am sooo glad you put this on paper, (well, kind of) This way we can hold you to it... Now it will be even funner to be your partner in crime. Yay!!!

    1. You leave no question as to who this is...:)