Monday, September 18, 2017

GastronomyTrickery. Green Tomato Jam

You've heard of  soda cracker pie, vegan burgers and black bean fudge brownies right? Well, my version of gastronomy trickery today is green tomato jam and since mother nature forced me to harvest my tomatoes, rather than have them freeze, I happily plucked them all off their bountiful vines.  I'm up to my eyeballs in tomatoes of varying shades of green, pale orange and red, but since green is the predominant color of the 6 bowls I picked I needed a creative way to use them up. My hubs was skeptical that letting them ripen indoors would result in anything other than the perfect vine ripened sphere of goodness so he recommended making jam.  Jam from tomatoes. Jam from tomatoes that looks like jam from raspberries.

The process is really very simple.

 Here's the recipe from I searched many different recipes and determined that I'd just stick to the ratio's of this recipe.

I made 6 quarts of "raspberry" jam until I ran out of sugar, but I could have made probably 16 more. I had plans to make strawberry as well until the sugar shortage, but really the flavors are as numerous as the JELL is O. It might be weird that the peach jam has "seeds", but hey, I was gonna shred carrots and get out the lime and see how that went over.

As it is, if the kids can't handle the truth, I'll be eating this yummy lie for the next year and a half.

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