Monday, August 15, 2016

Purse organizer

After making my purse, I have learned what has worked and what has not.

What isn't working is the lack of pockets or an organizing system, so this is my quick DIY purse organizer because  mess = stress.

I used wipe-off-able material, so, you know, it can be wiped off and mesh for the bottom so crumbs can fall through for ease of cleaning.

You catching a theme here?

Here's what I did...

When you fold your material, you get a quick pocket.

Folded to make first row of pockets.
Second row of pockets.

Pocket boundaries via the sewing machine.

Pen and pencil dividers.

Mesh bottom.
Ya know, to let those pesky crumbs fall through. Its this laziness or efficient?

You decide...

Then I just met the ends, sewed the edges together and voila!

Inside my purse.


This took me about an hour top to bottom. Easy because I just folded those layers instead of cutting and sewing everything.

 I quickly threw together a coin purse also with mesh for a bottom because who wants crumby coins?

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