Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chair do over

So our kitty and puppy love to chase each other.

A lot.

They usually end up under my vintage chair and consequently have torn the underneath to shreds.

Well not to shreds exactly, but did a good enough job on it that I just decided to jump in, gimp finger and all, and disassemble it so I can reupholster it.

So I grabbed the closest butter knife and went to work. Now I know that there are tools made just for the disassembling of a chair, and I have one...somewhere, but a butter knife and a pair of needle nose pliers work just fine.

This is the point I'm at and I'm struggling whether or not to use a patterned fabric or just go neutral.
Leaning toward this little yellow and grey/taupe number.

Whaddaya think?

*To see the chair before, click here*

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