Saturday, June 22, 2013

you're only as old as you feel...

So my 25 year High School Reunion is here.

We went last night to the basket ball game against our rival.  It's hard to say rival because we all went to Jr. High together.  Then they built another Sr. High School and instantly we were rivals...

Come heck or high water I was going to last nights game.

I live only 45 minutes drive away from where I went to High School as opposed to 8 hours drive away for the last 20 years, and I've been looking forward to it for months now.  I've made it to my 5, 10, and 20 year reunions driving from another state away, going once when I was 8 months pregnant and this year, I'm so close and my crack-a-lackin' back gives way again.

The reunion was last night, today and tonight and (Fri. and Sat.).  Monday, I helped move a wood pile and by Monday night I couldn't walk.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo....*wimper*

Well, I went anyway.  I'm going tonight too.  I can limp and gimp at home or at the reunion so I'd rather be there.

My point here is that since I wrote my last post about my back issues and going to get walking--I haven't.

There was that week long stretch of riding bikes...
and walking vigorously around Wal-Mart because from Shampoo to Toilet Paper you cover a flippin' half mile...
Then there's vigorous house cleaning...*snort*

But there wasn't real, regular, targeted exercise and now I'm flat on my back writing this post.

I'm so disappointed with myself.  Once I got feeling better the last time, my mentality was, "oh, I feel better and I just won't lift incorrectly... and I'll exercise...but didn't...x2.

So last night while watching 42-43 year old guys I went to high school with play basketball, I was thinking how glad I was that  they didn't have the girls team play.  I have to say that those guys still have some moves.  I was impressed.  I think my hubby was impressed with my yelling skills... I still have some pipes.  Back? No. Pipes? Yep!

I'm going to the dinner tonight.  Me and the hubs are going.  I'm the one that looks 82 years old hunched over, can't stand up straight and is wearing a big ole summer maxi dress to hide the back brace.

If you're only as old as you feel, then tonight I'm going to my 65 year class reunion.

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