Thursday, June 27, 2013

vintage camping

We bought a camp trailer!

It's vintage!

You've heard of Glamping?  Glamour camping?  

Well this is our Vamper.  Vintage camping...


We are thinking about a full restore so we started with the real wood paneling and gave it a good rub down of furniture oil.

...after oil.

Look at that!  The wood was just drinking that oil up!  Our four year old swears she actually heard drinking sounds...

Now did I mention that this trailer was my hubby's father's day gift and we are thinking about doing a full restoration?  Well, if it were "ours" then I would want to paint the inside white.  If it were ours, I would want to strip the paint on the outside and go silver...
But it's not ours.  It's his.  It's better this way.  He has a camp trailer, he can invite me to come along if he wants (and I'll go if I want) and we don't have creative differences.

And we stay married...;)

What  a beaut!  This thing is 44 years old!  This is original upholstery, original flooring, it's all original and in SUCH great shape.  
Hubby has already ordered  new tracer marker (what the heck do I know?!) lights, but now it needs new windows and a new water pump, but she's solid, built well and has been taken care of.

The stove and oven work, but the counter top needs some TLC.  We're He's not sure how to exactly fix/restore this, but it does need some attention.

The hubs was SO  excited about the original propane light that still works.  He was glowing almost as bright as the little lantern itself.

He can't wait to take it up the mountain.  Fresh cool mountain air, vintage trailer, feeling nostalgic, vamping...

I wonder if he'll invite me...


  1. Hello,

    I found your great blog when I googled Red Dale trailers.

    I would live to know how it's going and do you have any updated photos?

  2. I too found you when googling Red Dale trailers! Did yours make the move with you to Idaho? I have a 1964 that needs a little more work than yours!

  3. I am sad to report that we no longer have this adorable trailer. When we were planning on moving to Alaska we sold it. Since we didn't end up moving there, I regret it every time we need a camp trailer. Next time we get one, it'll be mine (all mine!!!) and we'll never sell it. ;) Would love to know more about yours though. :)