Tuesday, January 21, 2014

muffin top

I like a simple recipe. A recipe that doesn't make me think too much in the morning.  A recipe where the instructions don't require too much brain power before I've had anything to eat.  If you are like me, this muffin recipe is for you.  It's a recipe for the Domestic goddesses or gods whichever the case might be. 


Now this recipe is delicious just the way it is written, or you can add just about anything to it you'd like and treat it like a base recipe.  In the past I've added blueberries--classic.  I've added chopped peaches, bananas and nuts, maple flavoring (still working on perfecting that one) poppy seed and lemon extract, whole wheat flour instead of white, and today, I substituted rolled oats for some of the flour.

This recipe is as easy as 1,2,3.  Dump, Mix, Bake.

 I'd like to make a pitch for this product right here:

I prefer the aluminum free baking powder.  It works great and it doesn't have aluminum in it.  I don't know if the claims about how harmful aluminum is are true, but hey, they make a baking powder that's free of it, and works as good or better, so I choose it.

This sounds like something out of Anne of Green Gables...

You just throw all the ingredients in, mix and scoop.

All mixed.

Again, I know that there are many products out there, but I love my Pampered Chef scoop.

Just scoop.  No messy spoons to scrape off each other.  Why make it hard on yourself?  You are already doing your family a favor by making them something homemade, delicious, healthy and filling the house with the wonderful aroma of baked goods, let's keep it simple.  If you don't have one of these scoops, get one or one like it. 

This recipe makes a LOT.  I used every muffin tin I own.  Even the mini ones and I think I over scooped, so I took some out, but it turns out that these were a little topless and I should have left more in them.  I need more scoops.  All different sizes. So do the right thing and don't let your muffin go topless. 

They were soooooo delicious.  I quite enjoyed the oatmeal in this batch.  It gave it a nutty texture.  

The kids loved them and there may or may not have been some spirited debate over who got the muffin with the biggest top and since there was only one...


Enjoy! :)

Find the recipe here.

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