Tuesday, January 28, 2014

nailed it

"The kids are all off to school", I said to myself.

"I'll make a treat", I said to myself.

"I'll make no-bake cookies", I said to myself.

"I'll jazz 'em up a bit", I said to myself.

So, I thought to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be yummy to add chocolate chips and chunky peanut butter to the no-bake cookies?"  "Why yes, I think it would."

That's how all these stories start...

The calm right before the storm.  The giddy anticipation...  Pavlov would be proud.

"So if I'm going to add chocolate chips and maybe butterscotch chips I don't need to add as much sugar right?"  "Right!"  "How healthy is that?!"  "I am so gooooood..."

"And if there are any left over, the kids will loooooooovvee me!"  "Oh yes they will!"  "You go girl!"
*high five*

"Uh Oh..."  "What?!"  "No milk!"

"That's ok, look what we've got in the pantry."  "Oh yes, I see it......... sweetened condensed MILK."  "That's perfect!"  "I already omitted 1/4 cup of sugar, so this will work out great!"   "It's like it's meant to be."  "What good fortune."  "Very serendipitous."

 You know how they say that when you are in a wreck it's like it's in slow motion?  Well this wasn't.

It all happened very fast.

I'm not sure I even remember enough to tell you accurately how it all went down.

There was measuring ingredients, making calculations, reconfiguring, recalculating, drafting a scathing letter in my mind to the manufacturers of glass top stoves, some hail mary's and I'm not even Catholic, wishing I hadn't started mashing them into cookie shape with my hands and wondering where to buy smelter gloves, and finally coming to the conclusion that maybe I should bake my no-bake cookies.

Bake no-bake cookies?  Preposterous!

I'll just broil them on high instead.

That you can see my reflection tells you that at least it's clean! Right?

Enlarged to show detail

Kinda like cocoa granola... got a spoon?
 Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhh, there will be plenty for the kids for after school snacks.

They are so gonna loooooooove me!

*high five*

So the lesson in this people is that there are recipes for a reason.  They call for the things in them that they do for a reason.

If you don't have milk, get off your lazy butt and go to the store and get some.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking to you.

For a killer no bake cookie recipe go here.  Just follow it like it says and no one will get hurt.

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