Thursday, November 20, 2014

cake mix cookies

Okay, so I've lost the content to this post TWICE, so let me just say that both posts were very clever and  very funny and very telling. 


So anyyyywaaaayyy, sometimes I have mom guilt.

My sweet, smart, talented and beautiful Savannah has her first away basketball game today and I can't go.

To compensate for that guilt, I'm making her and her teammates cookies.

Easy. Cheap. Delicious.

Cake mix cookies are for when you realize you don't have time to accomplish the Martha Stewart version. (Or any scratch version.)

Cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup veggie oil (somehow there's less guilt saying 'Veggie'.)

Did I mention that these are so easy, so inexpensive, so fast and fun? 

So tell the guilt to suck it go away and make some cookies today.

 I added a wee bit more powdered sugar.
I don't even feel a bit guilty about that...

 And I don't even feel guilty for eating two.

Okay, yes I do...


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