Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter Storm Watch

I spent last Saturday in Alpine, Wyoming. I grew up in Star Valley just down the road from Alpine so it was so fun to be there.

I spent the day with my hubby at his work since all the kids were with their other parent.

It snowed. 

A lot.

I remember there being what seemed like 10 months of winter growing up. I couldn't wait for spring and summer. I wanted to be a mermaid though so all I wanted to do was swim and would count the days until the Star Valley Ranch pool opened up. 

Such great memories. Couldn't ask for a better place grow up (unless it included a beach...).

I remember that there seemed to be no fences in the winter. I mean I know there had to be, but, it snowed so much in Star Valley that it seemed like you could snow mobile forever without stopping for a fence...

Looks like it still snows like the dickens.  

It's comforting to know that some things still stay the same... :)

I've never seen this before!!


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