Tuesday, August 30, 2011

home made peach jam

It's so lovely when a good neighbor offers peaches from his peach tree and then it is affordable to make home made peach jam.
I love good neighbors. 
I love peach jam.

We simply followed the pectin package instructions.  No fancy third generation 15 step process here.  Simple. We tried Ball, MCP, and SureJell.  Though they were similar, we liked Ball the best.  They all did just fine though.  Ask my hungry kids.

We (my husband and I) made 7 1/2 pints on his day off.  We have more peeled, pitted peaches in the deep freeze just waiting to be turned into jam.  It only took a couple hours start to finish.  Maybe less.

Okay, I cannot tell a lie.  My husband was the captain on this ship.  He was so excited to make peach jam.  He's a gourmet.  I'm not.  We make a good team.
I love free fruit.  Love home made preserves.

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