Saturday, November 12, 2011

anniversary score

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy anniversary to me, Happy anniversary to me-ee...
um, to uh-us...
Happy Anniversary to US!

We sneaked away to the Grand Lodge at the Brian Head Ski Resort for our anniversary. My hubby has connections and scored us a killer deal on a two night stay.

We had a lovely suite that had a romantic fireplace.

We had dinner in the lounge.

  It was delicious.

After dinner, we sat in the hot tub for about a half an hour--15 minutes longer than recommended.  Since when was it bad to sit in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes?  News to me...

Oh man, did we sleep good that night.  Nothing like soaking in hot water to help you sleep like a log.

The Grand Lodge is grand that's for sure.  I recommend it to anyone who wants a fantastic, luxurious get-away.  They have a full service spa there.

Next time.  *sigh*  Next time...

Anyway, that's what my hubby got me for our anniversary.  A wonderful, luxurious get-away for a night.  No kids. Woo hoo!

This is what I got him...

A pillow pet.


Here's some more antlers from our stay...

Are you sensing a theme here?

We loved the place so much we booked the second nights stay for Thanksgiving day.

This time we will bring the kids... they can do this...

and we can do this...


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  1. aww fun, I am so jealous I could reeeeealy use a vacation right about now.