Wednesday, November 16, 2011

operation hooded towel

Idea #1: Hooded Towel

As promised, here, in all it's simplicity, is the first of the ten (or there-abouts) projects I said I would show you.

SEW easy!

This hooded towel is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Match middles of hand and bath towels and sew them together.


2. Fold in half

3. Sew across top of hood (wrong sides out).

That was easy.  It's actually as easy as 1,2, but that doesn't sound quite as nice, so I added the folding as a step all it's own...

You have a happy hooded child.  My kids love theirs.  They have different colors to let them know which one is theirs, but this demo towel can be thrown into the mix.

You can really jazz these up with so many different things.  My kids' have pockets in the corner on the inside of the towel to put their hands in to keep them wrapped up.

You could embroider them with their names or initials.  You could sew on appliques, or use decorative bath towels.  Possibilities are endless...

My 13 year old needs a bath robe, but maybe I'll make him a king size hooded towel...tee hee hee. It's so much easier.  A hooded towel with a belt! Ya!  I know what he's getting for Christmas.  ;)

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