Monday, November 14, 2011

10 ideas for home made holiday gifts

The Holidays are close and if you are going to be doing any home made projects then, well, it's too late.
Just kidding.  There are so many ideas for home made gifts that are fast, wonderful and the family and friends will love getting and you'll love giving.

Idea #1

Hooded bath towels.  My kids love theirs!  I made them each one about three years ago.  It's time to make new ones...What?  They don't read my blog.  I'm not giving anything away...

Idea #2

Scarves.  With fleece, these can even be a no-sew project.  There are so many variations the possibilities are endless.

Idea #3

Quilts.  Okay, maybe not a pieced together and quilted by hand quilt, but a tied baby, or twin quilt would be totally do-able.

Idea #4

Home made bread and jam.  Who is NOT going to love that?!  One year, my mom gave home made bread and little honey bears to extended family and neighbors. Let me tell you it was well received.  (She made quilts for all her siblings one year too! But that's another blog...)

Idea #5

Heck, while were at it, churn your own butter and give home made bread, butter and or jam.  Lest you think "ya right, that's impossible.  What, do you think I just have a butter churn in my closet?"  It's as easy as cream in a quart jar.  Then you shake your booty off.  Who needs one of those Shake Weights when you can shake cream into butter in a quart jar?  It is a workout.  Two birds with one stone.  Three birds, 'cause the butter milk can then be made into buttermilk pancakes.  Just sayin'.

Idea #6

Knitted ear muffs for cold weather (and so I can't hear hubby laughing at me while writing this blog).  Note to self: learn to knit.

Idea #7

A mixed tape.

Idea #8

Okay, not a mixed tape, but a CD of pictures of extended family.  One year, my mom collected the bazillion photo's of her kids (you know, the kind you actually hold in your hand) and sorted them into 5 piles and gave them to us for Christmas.  Best. Gift. Ever.

Idea #9

A thank you card to my mom for all her great Christmas gift giving ideas.  For the bah humbug that she is, she sure has the gift giving down...

Idea #10

An idea book for more gift giving ideas... *phew*

Hand made gifts are some of the best gifts ever given.  Give them and you'll see...

To put my money where my mouth is, I'll show you one project a day.  Easy to make and easy on the pocketbook.  As for the CD of pictures...I'm gonna need help with that.  MaryLynn

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