Thursday, December 1, 2011

project overload...

I have no idea what to blog about...

I have too many projects.

Maybe if I put my sewing/exercise/man cave room together, I'd have space to do finish all the many projects I have on my plate.

Speaking of plates, look what little beauties I found at the thrift store the other day...(so very ADD of me)

is it convex, or concave???

four little plates

I didn't take this picture standing on my head so why is it upside down?
Four sweet plates that I'm going to decorate a wall with.  50 cents each.  Sold.

I love them.  I may have to re-do my whole kitchen wall to incorporate them...

ok, so back to the sewing/everything room.  I know that I will spend all my spare time from now until Christmas in there once it's organized.  Organization is NOT my thing.  I'd rather treasure hunt at the thrift stores. 

Sew many projects, so little time, so little organization...

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