Wednesday, August 8, 2012

piece baby...make quilts, not war

birthday quilt

 Hubby has been hinting that he wants me to make him a quilt.

For a while...

favorite shirt

cutting squares

 I haven't made a quilt before.  Well not one that you piece together.

8 1/2" squares
trimming batting

I am intimidated by quilt making because it involves MATH!  But my husband loves quilts.  Christmas came and went and it didn't happen.

So because August is the perfect month for curling up in a quilt I thought I'd surprise my hubby for his birthday.

In my attempt to become a minimalist, my hubs got "rid" of a whole box of shirts.  Uh uh, nope, not gonna happen.  I shanghi'd them and stuck them away.  Quilt making is EXPENSIVE.  But not so much when you have free fabric...

...and a king size sheet set.  Flat sheet is the back, and fitted sheet was cut up into squares for the top.

So after sewing squares like a mad woman in all the spare time I had (which didn't add up to much), I managed to totally surprise my hubby on his b-day.

He LOVEs it.

big hoop
It's just that it's not exactly finished.  It is pieced and bound, it's just not tied, or quilted.  I ran out of time.  So I'm gonna get that big hoop on and my thimble and quilt away.  Then by Christmas, it will be perfect for snuggling.

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