Saturday, August 11, 2012

my idea of a board game...

 Lookey loo at what I found at the thrift shop!

  A carrom board.

  It looks like the one my grandma had.

 I think I paid all of four dollars for it.
  It's missing the wooden rings, but I'm sure I can find them some where....or make them myself!


 Now here's a new one on me.  I've never seen one of these before, but I had to buy it. This also cost $4.  It has all it's pieces.  It has a minor broken piece that a little wood glue can fix.

The skittles board, stores the carrom sticks. I understand that some players use their fingers to "flick" the wooden pieces.  Are sticks original to the game or are there different versions?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Does anyone out there know how to play the skittles game?  And I don't mean the kind you eat...

These currently hang  above our kitchen table/game room and I just love, love, love them.  I'm hoping that my family who often played with and was schooled by my grandma comes to town and teaches me how to play.  Linda, I'm talkin' to you...

I know I could probably google it, but it wouldn't be as fun.

original box

now doesn't that look like fun?!

I keep the pieces in this thrift store COKE tin.  Finally a purpose for this tin.

mad skillz
 I think you spin the spinner with string.

25 points!
I'm not the typical lover of board games.  I think them 'bored' games.  But, I love sports, so to me this is like the perfect board game because it's more like sports...just no elbow throwing.  (hopefully) (but I can't promise).

ready to play

Anyone wanna play? 

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