Friday, December 28, 2012

cherry tart

I didn't have time, (or didn't make time) to get any baking done before Christmas so during Christmas break I am doing some Valentines baking...

...the easy way.

First, you buy store bought crust, and store bought pie filling.

Yes, sigh, you've got me, this isn't all exactly homemade, but the pie filling said that it's a new formula--it doesn't use High Fructose Corn Syrup and it is now and always has been gluten free so it's gotta be wholesome.


So today we baked a wholesome and homemade treat.

Cherry Tarts.  That's what I'm calling them.

These little treats can be for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines  (balemtimes as my four year old calls it) or when ever you just want a delicious treat.

Let me show you...

So if my still photo tutorial wasn't enough, (ha) let me give you the easy instructions.

1. cut out

2. fill in

3. seal

4. poke

5. bake (425 F)

6. frost

7. eat

Seriously, can it get any easier?  It was especially easy because I had three little helpers.  What fun.  What an easy tart.  It was so easy that I feel sheepish procrastinating this delicious, festive treat.

easy tart
Just remember...

You are what you eat.



  1. "ho" and "ho" and "tarts"--subtly done. can we substitute cherries with rhubarb?

    1. ho ho was the December theme as it was last year.
      rhubarb would be fabulous!!! It's actually my favorite! (but not as easy)

      be careful...