Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ring in wild bells!


I rang in the new year in the drive way of my moms house.  Where were you?

I and my family partied at my sisters house and I  just found out on facebook that she didn't take any pictures.  (SHE'S the photographer!).  I didn't take any either even though I brought my camera.  

So there is no proof that we partied hearty, but believe me we did.

We played a fun Mormon newlywed game and I learned that I am not actually able to read my hubby's mind.  hmpf!  For not being able to read his mind though, we tied for first place.  I think four other couples did too...  We had to start playing that game because at one point, we were all looking at our phones, sharing photo's from our phones, on the new laptop,  tablets or some other form of electronic distraction when we realized how lame we all were.

Everybody brought snacks and it was a veritable snack feast!  We had yummy hot dips, and meatball subs (that I didn't get a chance to try),chips & salsa, crackers and easy cheese (wouldn't be a party without it) cookies, m&m's--peanut, peanut butter AND plain, soda pop and sparkling cider.  I think I saw plastic champagne flutes for the toasting in the new year, but we were the party poopers and when the first child was out, we decided to go. We had a half hour drive and were fading fast.  We were en route when the clock struck midnight.  All three kids had fallen asleep at this point and didn't care to be woken up just to be told that it was the new year and look at the fire works.

So I and the hubby hauled the sleeping kids in, got them in bed, went to our own, promptly wished the world a happy new year on facebook and fell asleep.

I hope that this year brings us all prosperity, good fortune, good health, good luck, good relationships, peace, happiness, and a grundle of creativity.


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