Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Smoke Signals...Frontiersman Jerky

I am shamelessly plugging my husbands business today.


He is a hunting and fishing enthusiast and for years has made his own jerky and smoked his own fish and he's the kind of guy that likes to share.  So for years he's made jerky, shared it and for years people have been telling him he should sell his jerky.

So he is. 
It's been interesting to watch it all unfold.  It's been a very inspired process. One that has been very educational and wonderful,  trying and rewarding and that's just the very bare bones beginning! 
If you get the hankering for jerky, or need a GREAT Fathers Day gift, check out www.frontiersmanjerky.com.  He's also on FacebookPinterest, Twitter and Instagram, but he's old fashioned and honestly would rather send smoke signals.  So consider this a smoke signal from him...  lol

mmmmmmm....jerky....deliciously cured and smoked strips of meat. 

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