Monday, December 12, 2011

hair piece

a rose with any other name...

I have had a few magazine "prescriptions" over the years.

They are medicinal...

This particular craft caught my eye.

I had to try it.

page 26

 I love, love, love, the roses idea, but tweaked it to "make it my own" (thank you Paula).

I thought these felt roses would make lovely hair clips for my girls.

Here's the concept...

trim off corners to make a circle or oval

cut into continuous strip
  After you cut the long, long strip, you roll and roll until it forms a rose.  Then you cut out a circle of felt that is the size of the back of the rose.   Glue on the circle.

hot glue gun = bad word

 Then you glue on the hair clip.  Then you burn your thumb and try really hard not to curse in front of your three year old little girl...

I have a love/hate relationship with the glue gun.

These are really easy (except for the burning part) even my nine year old girl made one.  Hers is the big red one.  It will look great on the top of a high pony tail.

pretty bouquet

These are great ideas to let sisters make for each other for Christmas.  Or in the spring, they will look great in pastel colors.

Confession.  I haven't made hair accessories before for my girls.  My girls made fake flower hair clips that were all the rage last summer, but I've been a slacker...until now.

Easy.  Cute.  Fun.

Now I'm going to go put ointment on my thumb...

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