Monday, December 5, 2011

road trip!!!!!!!

48 hours.

20 of those hours in a truck.

5 people.

3 of those people under age 10.

1000+ miles.

400+ of those miles were white knuckle driving conditions.

 Spending 7 waking hours at my dad's...totally worth it!
Hey, wanna see my trip pictures?  COME ON, SIT DOWN LET ME GET OUT THE SLIDE PROJECTOR...

start of our trip...nice...

lake Powell!
Return trip lake Powell.  That's what I'm talking about...

indian reservation--finally a break in the snow

hubby wants to move here...wonder* elk* why?

ponderosa pines

white out
 After the majority of our white knuckle trip, we finally arrived in Phoenix. ahhhhhh.....

cloud break

birth of a rainbow
 On to my dad's place.  In his retirement, he is doing what he loves.  He does petting zoos and wagon rides.  Needless to say, my kids love going to see "Cowboy Grandpa".

for you

wanna go for wagon ride?

hand built (modern) covered wagon

My dad is the host with the most.  We didn't get to spend near enough time with him on this quick business trip, but we plan on a trip again to see him in the spring.  If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area, give my dad a call.  You won't be sorry.

A big shout out to my capable, patient, wise, hubby who got us to and from safely even in the worst driving conditions. 
It was a trip that we won't soon forget.

Glad to be home...

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