Friday, November 30, 2012

rescue scene

I don't usually actually get holiday decorating finished on time, let alone early.  Usually, it is either put off until the last minute, or not done at all.

Halloween?  Nothing. (except last minute costumes) (that were pretty great if I do say so myself) (I think I work better under pressure..)

Thanksgiving?  Nothing.

But, for Christmas, we already have our tree up (undecorated, but up).  I have the cinnamon scented pine cones out, and I have finished re-doing a wonderful Nativity Scene that I picked up at a thrift store last spring.  I'm thinking it's a pre-Christmas miracle that it lasted through a move and sat in my garage until now and didn't get broken.  Yep, it's a miracle.

Here are the before and afters...

Some of the pieces weren't even painted and the rest that were weren't, well, very attractive.  I figured that a little spray paint would fix it up.

Well almost...

The cow and donkey were painted dark colors and the color showed through the spray paint a bit.  So off to the store I went and bought the primer and paint in one (and honestly paid a lot more than I would normally pay for spray paint, but hey, it's for the baby Jesus right?)

 As I was putting all the pieces in their spots, I realized that the baby Jesus was missing!  The horror!  I quickly went outside and found Him lying there all alone, forgotten, in the rocks.

I was relieved to find Him, and then I had a solemn and revelatory experience.  Am I really remembering Jesus?  Do I often over look Him? 

I made a quick commitment to not leave the Christ out of Christmas and not be so busy or distracted to over look Him again.

I hope we all leave the Christ in Christmas and not over look our Lord and Savior.

Merry Christmas decorating everyone.


  1. You are amazing! Love the finished product.

  2. You are amazing! Love the finished product.

  3. Very lovely I am so impressed.

  4. Thanks Mom. I love your nativity scene and was trying to replicate it. 'Course, I made yours. lol