Wednesday, September 5, 2012

entryway second impressions

An entryway is a homes first impression in my opinion.  Okay, maybe the front door is the first impression, and the entryway is the second, but you only get one chance to make a second impression...*ahem*

So for 3.5 months our homes second impression has been pretty sad.

Today was the day to make a good second impression.

That should be a song...

We have a coat closet, but it's full of coats and stringed instruments and stuff.

I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest trying to figure out just the right combination for my budget, space and needs.

Budget: little to nothing.
Space: about 7'x7'
Needs: place to organize stuff, and create a nice first second impression while doing it.

So even with my fear of putting nails in walls I soldiered through to create a simple, organized space with a nice first impression.


These Coca Cola crates were given to me and are perfect for a bench, except not sturdy enough to sit on without a little reinforcement.

bench seat
 You can fix anything with a little wood glue and duct tape... (almost anything)

 I had Home Depot cut a ten by six board in half.  Perfect size.  I glued it and gave it a quick coat of white.

Now for the walls...

I needed to find the studs because shelves and peg boards are weight bearing, but I don't have a stud finder (except for that built in how-I-found-my-husband one).  What do you do when you don't have a stud finder and don't want to go buy one?  You google how to make one.

I found the easiest way to find studs in walls and I'm rejoicing forever more. Three items that most people already have are, a magnet, string, and tape.  Go here to the site I found explaining the simplest easiest and cheapest way to find studs in walls.

 I found the studs, marked them and started screwing things into the walls...

... by hand mind you

This is what I've got so far...

come right in
This is our new and improved entry way.  It still needs a bench cushion, a shelf re-do (already) and a rug, but I want to google how to make my own rug and find ideas on Pinterest how to style a shelf...

Until then, I love it and am happy with our homes first second impression.


What I'll be working on next...

sewing cabinet

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