Tuesday, September 18, 2012

soap opera episode II

I think I'm nesting.  

We are expecting our first grand baby any day now and I'm on a bit of a cleaning spree.

Yes, if you're wondering, I'm too young to be a grandma.  Wayyyy too young.  


All this cleaning led me to think about one of my favorite things of all time.

My soap pump.

meet my little friend

I've tried all the variables.  I've tried the soap bottle at the sink.  Ugly. 
 I've tried the pretty vinegar bottles, but they hurt my wrist when I have to pour the soap out. ( It has nothing to do with age I assure you. Nothing at all.)

 Enter thrift store soap pump.  It dawned on me, this is form and function. 

 It's perfect.  

She's perfect.
big bottomed beauty

there pumpy sits

There she sits,  dutifully waiting to do her job and delve out the perfect amount of dish soap.   

She got lost in the garage for a few weeks days and I was lost without her.  I was so happy when we were at last reunited.

(Sounding like a soap opera yet?)

I've done some homework for you in case you are the only one not on Pinterest.  Here are some of the uses I've found using Dawn Dish Detergent (cleaning animals after an oil spill being the most famous and put Dawn on the cleans-up-the-worst-grease map).

Go here to link up to some of these amazing uses
Laundry Soap
Tub and Tile
Armpit Stains
Pet baths
Weed Killer

If that doesn't cover it for you, search for Dawn uses on Pinterst, or if all else fails, google it. :)

Go here to link to an official Dawn coupon page. 
So while you are on Pinterest looking at what Dawn can do for you, I'm working on this...


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