Wednesday, January 9, 2013

you take the piano, I'll take the bench

So, after I took apart my new piano (that's another story) and put it back together, I thought it was time to  recover the bench.

 Now when I say new piano, I mean the old family piano my sister gave me because she bought a new fancy piano and she wanted me to have first dibs on the old one.

I'm so thrilled to have this piano.  I have so many plans for it--number one of course is playing it, but decoratively speaking, I have many plans...muah hahahahahaha!!!

The easiest of these said plans is to re-cover the bench.  I've done this a few times before. 


I have an actual upholstery tool somewhere, but a butter knife was easier to locate.  It's one from an old set, so no harm no foul.

Cut vinyl to size.  A few inches from edge.

What does one do when one doesn't have a staple gun and one needs to re-cover ones bench?  One improvises.  I might add that I've been watching Downton Abbey while doing projects today.  Can one tell?

Okay, so what I was trying to say was that I don't own a staple gun or if I do it's with the upholstery tool, so I had to come up with how to tack the vinyl on.  I tried hammering the staples back in and that was a miserable failure then I remembered my stash of sewing & crafting stuff.  In my stash are upholstery tacks.  Fabulous! 

I'm so glad I have a stash of stuff.

Holding the tack with needle nose pliers saves ones fingers when one whacks the tack with something hard.

Our hammer is otherwise located along with that upholstery tool and staple gun I suppose so I hammered these tacks in with a wrench.


   Or should I say BRAVO?!


Tuning.  Who knows a guy?  The piano guy...


  1. You Humpherys are amazing! Nice job on the piano bench. Barry goes into the garage and comes back with all sorts of things he created from other things that were broken. He fixed my broom from an old mop. He made me a shelf with a dresser that broke. You guys know how to take stuff and make it better. :)

  2. shelf from a dresser...I want to know more. :)

    It makes me exceedingly happy to know that Barry has the gift.

    You're a pretty amazing Humpherys too!