Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a spoon full of sugar...

I'm ill today.  The dreaded mahocus I think is the technical term.  It has rendered me useless.

All I want is a Coke.  A Coke and a smile.

There's some magic in that bottle.  And I'm not talking about the way they used to make it.  It seems to help the belly and all that follows (if you get my meaning) when the flu is on the rampage.

What are some of the home remedies you use?

Besides laughter, the best medicine...

Here are some I pass on to you because I want you to enjoy these tried and true remedies.


Put butter on the spot you just banged into the corner of the table.  No bruise.  Weird (and oily) I know, but my hubby taught me this and it works. 


I know that this has a million uses, and believe me, I've tried nearly all of them, but the one I want to highlight is the one for sunburns.  I know we're in the middle of ski season and it's easy to get a crispy burn on the mountain without proper sunscreen, so if you find yourself toasted after a run down the bunny hill, saturate a cotton ball with vinegar and apply to burned area.  We tried this on my red headed step child and her sunburn was gone overnight.  Make sure it's apple cider vinegar, distilled white did not have the same effect.

Herbal tea.
tea bagger

my new cast iron tea pot

My sweet, kind, thoughtful, loving hubby brought me a coke on his lunch hour, but before that, I was nursing a cup o peppermint tea.

It helps upset tummies too.

I have no website links, no one to cite other than my mom, my kids, my hubby and me.  No control studies, Dr. endorsements, experimental trial studies.  Just regular people using tried and true remedies.

A friend just posted on fb something about cinnamon and honey as a cure for almost all that ails you.  I'm going to have to get the cinnamon out of the cupboard and eat it, or drink it, or snort it.  I'm not picky, I just want to feel better.

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