Saturday, December 7, 2013

sittin' the bench

I made a bench.

This is quite possibly the easiest project I've ever done.

This bench is for our beloved homemade kitchen table.  We've been talking about making a bench for about as long as we've had the table. The pro of a bench is that is makes for more effective clean up. So instead of sweeping around 12 legs you sweep around four.  Con is that two or three people sit on one stationary bench and can't adjust it to their likes.

We had some lumber in our back yard from a project that my step son deconstructed for me and I just went for it.  Now I can get rid of three chairs.  It's part of my minimalist movement. *snort*

There sat the lumber from another project, just waiting to become something useful.  I don't know how the thought popped into my head, but suddenly I had the idea to use some chair legs for the bench legs.  I'll admit, the idea probably came from not wanting to work too hard to build this.
  I surveyed the legs on all my miscellaneous chairs and came to the conclusion that only one would fit the bill.

   So I took it apart. 

  And built this.

So how easy was that?  I didn't cut a single piece of wood.  The legs were simple to attach, but I will say that it was a little wobbly so I moved them in towards the center more and used some different screws and the wobble was gonzo!

Then I painted it and lest you should be fooled by the green grass and sun, the wind was a blowin' in a storm.  So I hurried and painted this and took it inside to let dry.

 Storm off the port bow!

Good thing I brought it in...

Any other project is going to have to wait until spring.