Friday, May 8, 2015

dining room before and after

So the home on our property is a 1976 Mobile Home.  In the spirit of "Come what may and LOVE it", we are putting up our plastic pink flamingos and flying our trailer park flag high! Loud and proud baby! Loud. And. Proud.

 We didn't buy this place for the house on it.  We bought it for the property, the pond, the price and lack of subdivision restrictions. We didn't move to this valley to have subdivision restrictions that won't let you park your 4 wheeler outside.

Anywho, so our home is small, and old and was wheeled on to this property back when my hubby and I were six years old, but it's ours and we will make it work until we build a cabin here.

So, like always, I consulted the world wide web and found all the right answers for painting paneling.  The dining room was so dark and so brown and so panel-y that in order to preserve some sort of sanity, we painted it.  We intended to paint the living room and kitchen too, but pretty much blew through 5 gallons of Kilz oil based primer/sealer in just this one room and kinda ran out of time, ya know because we needed to move in and figured that if we were going to re-do the kitchen anyway why paint it now.

Just painting this room alone (and one wall in the living room) totally brightened and livened up this place.

Plus, after painting this doozey, I was kinda done. You know the drill, remove cabinet doors, find out that the screws are stripped so tape hinges, paint everything only to find out that the screws aren't stripped, but that that's the shape of the screw head and then proceed to take hinges off, soak and scrub the paint off, then put it all back together. You know, that trial by error drill that I always seem to run.

This chandelier doh!

It's easily my favorite part of the whole house. I originally just knew I was going to paint it, but when I cleaned it up, I really fell in love with this brass.

The crystals aren't real.  Except for the big one that hangs at the bottom (that's from the the Idaho Falls Temple) (no I didn't steal it).  I still love them. Even if they are plastic. Maybe one day, I'll upgrade them to real crystals.

 ooh la la

It's easy to get frustrated with the oldness, the smallness and the trailer-ness of this place, but for FHE the other night, we all said what we were thankful for about our new place and one of the things my 12 year old said was that she was thankful that we painted the dining room.

Me too.


  1. DeAna, I am so impressed. You have come so far in life, woman! I love this entire entry. :-)