Monday, May 4, 2015

Dis'l Dew Ranch

My hubby and I want to name our place. DeAna of Green Gables is out ( I DON'T know why!) and Green Acres might make people think we have lots of money *snort*, so one of  my hubby's ideas is Dis'l Dew Ranch.

I think it fits. We'll see...

The gravel road to our house will be named Shady Lane.  There are currently no trees that line the drive, but there will be. And it will be named Shady Lane.

We have yet to name the old International truck, but Old Red is in the running. 

This particular spot is named Middle Earth as it's in the middle of the circular driveway...

We have to have names for all the areas because on five acres, we need to be able to tell the help (kids) to go water the Berry Patch, or mow Middle Earth, or go fire up Big Red and move it to the north 40 (Sounds better than North 5) and them know just where and what we are talking about.

I don't know if there's a need to name the vintage farm implements, but if you have any ideas, put 'em out there. I'm taking suggestions.

We love our new place and have already planted 17 raspberry bushes and 2 elderberry bushes (those aren't them^^^) and have named our berry patch, well, Berry Patch...

Idk, do you name a pond?

Willow Springs... Mallard Way... Algae Bay?

Oh ki-ids, time to go clean out Algae Bay...;)