Thursday, May 21, 2015

magnetic storm

Ok, so in our new place, double wide haven--yes, I'm queen of my double wide trailer, we have a small kitchen. When I say small, I mean small. Really small.

So I've been all over the internet trying to come up with ideas to make it all work. I mean, we're kitchen people! Have you seen my blog?! I have canning equipment up the wazoo, Dutch Ovens and cast iron pans galore. Two slow cookers, an electric griddle and frying pan. Mixers and blenders and choppers oh my!  I have three boxes of spices people. And I'm talking full size boxes. Full size. Did I tell you that I have five (5) different kinds of choppers? Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head! I might have more somewhere. In a box that hasn't been unpacked yet--BECAUSE THERE IS NO ROOM TO PUT THEM IN MY KITCHEN.

So. In my realization that I have five different kinds of choppers, I thought to myself, "ya know, all I really need is a knife and a cutting board." "I don't have the room for five different kinds of choppers." "Well, at least not four." "Downsizing is GOOD."

Enter, fridge knife magnet. Excellent idea! Free up counter space from my knife crock AND cupboard space from my three choppers!

Where does my mind go always? DIY. Do-it-yourself. Always.


Pretty good idea in theory, but in my naivete, this is what happened...

And then this happened...


And by the looks of the floor, I know we have bigger problems than a failed knife magnet.

Waaaaaayyyyy bigger.

Hey, I'm just glad that knife didn't stab me in the toe.

So to sum up, don't do this.

I'm going to redeem myself I promise.  It may be that I concede and order one online or that I buy some high powered magnets and do it right, but I'm gonna do it baby! SOMEthing is going to be magneted to that fridge!

If any of you out there said, "maybe a mop", I know.

 I. Know.