Thursday, July 14, 2016

Surgery on my hand...

I found this video of a surgery on an extensor tendon on YouTube almost just like mine. The tendon in my hand didn't get completely severed though so they didn't need to go searching for it-thank goodness! Not shown in this video was repair of the hood that was also damaged.
If you have a strong stomach you can watch this video, if you don't have the wherewithal, don't look at the accompanying photo either.

I went to the doc yesterday because my incision was splitting and he said it was just the epidermal layer and he wasn't worried about it. Then he bent my finger all around and almost made me cry. OH the pain!... It's gonna be a while until I have full use of my finger. I'm just so grateful it wasn't worse.
Now that I can get my hand wet, I think it's time to go soak in the hot mineral springs. :)

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