Saturday, February 25, 2012

diaper bag de'but--The Nanny Bag TM

messenger bag style

I don't even know how to begin to introduce you to my diaper bag design.  I guess I'll start by telling you how I came to the idea.

I was changing my little baby girl (3 1/2 year ago)  on a cold hard counter top in the mothers lounge at my church building and thought how nice it was that I had this big counter to change my baby on, but how hard and cold it was.  So then my DIY mind kicked in gear and this bag is the result.  I feel like the idea was given to me because designing and making it seemed so effortless.  Nothing I do on my own is that easy.
 Now I will tell you that I've been my own focus group because I have tweaked and tweaked  and tweaked it.  I carried mine until my youngest child was 2 1/2 years old and finally retired it after she was potty trained.
I used it all the time even at home because I loved the whole concept so much--a vinyl flap on which to change the baby.  It's it's own baby changing station.  You keep diapers and wipes in the bag and when baby needs changing, you can whip out the flap and change baby on it.
Maybe it's for us tired moms who don't want to walk into the baby's room to use the changing table.  That's just one thing I love about it.  For those who don't even bother with a changing table, this bag is great too because what if #1 or heaven forbid #2 strays beyond the bounds of the diaper...vinyl changing pad/bag flap is here to save the day!  You can use it outside because the outside of the flap and the bottom of the bag is vinyl--wipe-off-able.
  At stores even with changing stations, I put the bag on the tray and used the flap as a barrier against who knows what kind of germs on the plastic table thingy.  I will tell you a secret...I have used this in a cart in aisle 8 and didn't even bother taking the baby to the bathroom.  I know.  How very redneck of me...
The flap is wipe-off-able and also the inside of the bag is wipe-out-able.

This one that is shown was made for my dear friend who just had an adorable baby boy and she mentioned that blue and brown were his colors. 


Without further adieu...

Here is my "baby".  My inspired design.

Drum roll please.....

sippy cup not included...

Here's my problem...

I don't have a name for it yet...


I've thought of dozens...but, I can't settle on one.  I'm open for ideas. So put your thinking caps on and offer them up.
I'm even willing to give away a free bag to the winning name. 

back. flap under strap
The variations are endless.  I have placed this on my etsy shop, so if you're interested, give it a look. 

Remember, if I pick your idea for the name, you'll receive a DeAna Original Designer Diaper Bag--FREE.


  1. How about naming it de' but (the butt ... :-) )

    1. psychic friends network... we posted the same things at nearly the same on fb you on

    2. I still like Tren"D" Totes!!! :) Your trendy diaper bag and changing station in one!


  2. The Nanny Bag - It does everything for you...just like a Nanny. :)

    Mama-Go Bag - For moms on the go.

    Diaper Dream Bag - Everything you ever dreamed of in a diaper bag.

    Those are the best I can do. :)

    1. Nanny bag was my first idea for those same exact reasons. I love your creative mind. :)

    2. I like Nanny Bag to. I think Trendy totes mighty be used somewhere.

  3. how about "D" Zigner Baby? Yay, I win, now send me my bag please.

    1. I still like Tren"D" Totes! :) Your Trendy diaper bag and changing station in one! :)


  4. I love how creative everyone is. Thanks for the input and ideas.