Tuesday, February 25, 2014

old mother hubbard

  I'll bet that if Old Mother Hubbard went to this cupboard and didn't find any food, she'd be ok.

She could just ooh and ahh over this delicious beauty and it would fill her soul.

This coming from the family that can go through 6 loaves of (homemade) bread in two days.  


But I digress...

I'm finally posting about my number one favorite most favorite favoritest of all time Christmas gift. (Excluding of course those handmade ornaments and cards made by the wee ones.)

So, on Christmas morning I got THIS!!!  My hubby went big (as always) and rocked my antique loving world.

Look at this beaut!

card read: "WHO LOVES YA BABY?"
playing with my gift

On my hubby's day off, we go "treasure hunting".  We've found some pretty great things. 

Ducky was one of our latest finds. The Hubs collects them.

Hey Hubbard, do you like duck?

Daffy... Donald... Daisy... Dynasty...?

Maybe, if he's good, he'll get his own cupboard for his ducks.  A duckboard.

**Editors note**
We went to the store where my hubby bought this beaut and I asked if I could put a link to their facebook page and they said yes!
Lost and Found Thrift Utah
Can't wait until my hubby's day off... ;)

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