Tuesday, March 11, 2014

souper find!

I've been wanting to add a soup tureen to my collection and on one of our treasure hunts lately I spied this!!!

It was like something out of a movie, where you see the hopeful treasure hunters head turn in slow motion to see a treasure that is sparkling and shining brightly with sunbeams shooting out of it from behind it.

Something a little like this...

I think I heard a chorus of Angels too, but that may have been the overhead music...

It didn't have a price tag on it so I took it up to the register with  the hopes that it wouldn't be more than like, 5 dollars (I said I was treasure hunting, I didn't say I wanted to spend a fortune on it).

Well this thing plugs in!  It has a cord and everything.  That wasn't part of my dream tureen, but it's kinda cool never-the-less.  Warm actually, but what ev.

So when I took it up to the register, I was told it was 2 DOLLARS "Because we don't know if it works."

It works baby...

It works.

And since it snowed this morning I think soup is still on the menu. :)

It's new place of honor.

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