Friday, February 6, 2015

Hope Chest Makeover-Chapter 3 Stenciling

The idea is to take this old once upon a blonde bombshell and make her a curvy brunette that echoes the look of my Antique Cupboard.

 My husband suggested taking a drawring to a cabinet shop and having them cut out a wood applique.  

I said uh no.

Not going to all that trouble.
So, I looked on Pinterest for ideas about how to stencil in this particular way because before, I'd just trace the image with a ball point pen making a slight indent in the wood indicating where to paint (or in this case where not to paint/stain) but apparently, this is a very hard wood.  Probably oak according to my hubs. So of course, I consulted the world wide web and there are several great ideas, but somehow just nothing worked for what I needed so I did my own thing.

Long story short, I made a pencil shading , put tape all over the paper to strengthen it, cut it out and used it to trace it with none other than a brown colored pencil.

I ended up using the positive instead of the negative so that the pencil would be on the outside of the cut-out.

I am loving how it's turning out, and this project is actually provoking some insightful moments thinking about out with the old, in with the new.  Being okay with change.  Making something that was neglected, abused and otherwise not taken care of beautiful again. New beginnings. Fresh starts. Patience...

That's pretty deep.  Maybe the fumes are getting to me...

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