Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hope Chest Makeover-Chapter 2

I got a really good arm workout yesterday. I sanded this old blonde girl making her ready for her new color.

I totally got a good workout and honestly had a Mr. Miagi moment. Actually, that would have been a Danielson moment, because I (!) did all that sanding.

By hand.

Here's what I've done so far...

I have plans for this front...

...and the bottom.

Let's just say they won't be remaining the same.

Hubby had some really good ideas on how to spiff this lovely old lady up.  I was telling him what I was thinking and was trying to figure out how and what exactly to do and he just spit out these great ideas like it was nothing.

Nothing I tell ya...

So thanks to the hubby and his great ideas this ole chest is gonna be awesome!

I just re-read that. 
Shut up.

This has something to do with it...

Wish me luck. 

I'm My arms are gonna need it.

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