Saturday, February 21, 2015

cardboard container up-do

So I'm deep into another project and no I have not finished the Cedar Chest Makeover project thank you for asking.

It's a sewing cabinet up-cycle project thing that I'll blog about later (when if I finish it).  Part of this sewing up -cycle thingy-ma-jiggy requires lot's of storage.  So I have been collecting marked down (waaaaaay down) baskets galore and re-using old storage containers and scouring the thrift store (i.e. D.I.) to find suitable (cheap) storage solutions.

Enter Exhibit A

It's a container.  Probably cute in it's hey day, but hey, it's day is over.

 WAS over.

Enter Exhibit B

It's a New Day...

It's a New Life...

  I didn't do anything really fancy, but what an improvement!  I wasn't sure if it would even work to paint these things, but it was a dollar and I thought it was worth the risk.

 I wish I could say that it was going to adorn the top of the newly upgraded Lane cedar chest, (I wish I could say the chest was ready to be adorned) but really it's going to just do this...

In this...

But more of that later...

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