Wednesday, April 29, 2015

moving day

So we bought a place.

A five acre spread.

With a pond...

It's great, but if there is a wrong way to move, I've found it!!!

Going 15 mph on the highway...

I thought to myself, "Self, you're only moving 2 miles down the road, you can just take one load down, put it away and go back and get another load."

Sorry to break it to myself, but that plan pretty much, well
you know, stunk to high Heaven!

It may be that we are totally downsizing in size of home, that may have something to do with it.  It may have something to do with painting before we moved in, but mostly it has to do with the fact that we just have too much stuff!!! The cold hard realization is this: when you get your basic needs moved (e.g. beds, clothes, food, toothbrushes, washer and dryer)  and you still have what seems like a whole household left, it's too much!

I'll be getting rid of so much.  I need to have a large yard sale now that I have a really large yard. You  know, the kind that needs to be baled at the end of the summer kind of large yard.

 This is my year of living simply.

So if you find yourself buying a place two thousand miles away, or TWO (2) miles down the road, pack it all up, move it all at once, put it all away after you are all moved in. Don't make my same mistake. And for Heavens sake, get rid of all the stuff you don't need first!

I think we have only two more loads...


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