Friday, March 27, 2015

cake plate love

When the kids are away, the mommy will play...

While the kids were spring breaking, I was getting into spring (and trying not to break anything...)

I "made" this Cake Plate Set.  Upcycled, DIY'ed you know, not made, made, but made...
Anyway, it was fun me time.

There are three less in my large collection of candlesticks.  But don't you worry hubby, I have more.

That E6000 glue is sure getting a workout in this house.  This is only one (three) of the projects I did whilst the kids were away...

I loooooooove the hydrangea and butterfly pattern with the fluted edge.


So springy, and romantic and girly.




I know that the official day of Spring has past, but I'm ready now.

Bring it on.


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    1. Thanks Megan! I think I'm going to put them up for sale...downsizing you know.