Saturday, August 10, 2013

butterfly kisses

photo credit b-won

So we have quite a few tender hearts at our house--my 10 year old daughter being at the front of that line
so when she saw a butterfly being stalked by a cat she scooped it up and saved it from a feline fiasco.  Then the search was on for how to save a butterfly and let it live a long and fruitful life.

Did you know that you can tape a wing of a butterfly and it can fly again?  Well, that was what we were going to try until we realized that the wing wasn't torn, it was bent.  We don't even know why the little thing cannot fly and not even google can tell us why...  What google has told us is that you can feed them sugar water and a friend told me that you can re-hydrate raisins and feed them to the flutter-by.  Of course there are the flowers and weeds that they love as well.

Then we learned that the beautiful, helpful creatures only have a two week life span.  What?  Oh the horror.  How do you break it to your tender heart 10 year old GIRL that the butterfly that she has saved and named only lives two weeks anyway?  You don't.  But we did.  We didn't think that far ahead, but we smoothed it over by telling her that we would taxidermy it and put it in a frame.  I know...parents of the year award.

Here's a link to a really good fix-a-butterfly site.

A girl and her butterfly

bent left wing?

my hubby the butterfly whisperer

feeding him sugar water
It seems perfectly fitting to name him Bloomer right?

Bloomer's new home

photo credit b-won

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