Thursday, August 15, 2013

first day of school...sort of

It's the first day of school today!

I don't know quite what to do with myself...

Oh, that's right. Yes I do... I still have one at home.  Who's that you may ask?  Well, my Kindergartner of course.

Warning: Mommy rant

Since when do school age kids not get to start school on the first day of school?!  This may not bother some, but it  bothers me.  Since when do kindergartners need to be "assessed"?  Isn't that what school is FOR?

My little one has been looking forward to kindergarten since she was 3!  We've anticipated it all summer long, talked about it, planned for it and then I get a letter in the mail that says that she will not start until two weeks after the rest of the kids start.

I know that this was not the case for my two older children.  I think that it's ridiculous.  Why is this necessary?  It seems to me that if kids are ready to be in kindergarten then they should be ready to start school on the first day of school...

Let's just say that my first impression with her first year isn't very impressive...

On a lighter note...ahem, the rest of our kids are off to their first day of school.  As much as I'm glad they are all back, I hate that school here starts so early.  August is still summer... Let school start in the fall. It seems that the further south you are the earlier school starts.  Okay so this isn't much of a lighter note, but what ev...

They were all excited to start school and that leads me back to my original point, my littlest is left out of the first day of school excitement when it should be her "first" too.

rant over

I'm going to look up when school starts in Alaska...

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