Tuesday, August 27, 2013

epic adventure

Our family is about to embark on an epic adventure.

I really shouldn't be writing anything with the little amount of sleep I've had, but I must tell you all how it's going thus far.

My hubby left this morning for Alaska.  Yes, it is one of the 50 States and yes, we know how far away it is.  1544 miles to be exact.

My hubby has, since his early childhood wanted to move to Alaska and I've always wanted to live near the ocean.  So it's a win win.  All of our kids are excited to go (except for the waffling back and forth of my 8 year old--but that's nothing new).  So that makes this a win win win win win win win.

My hubby is the pioneer of our family and is going before us to settle the area.  Not really settle, as much as start his job and find us a house to live in.  But hey, he's OUR pioneer.

He will be arriving in AK in about one hour and 25 minutes.  I can't wait for the report and the photo's to start pouring in.

 Revillagigedo is the name of the island that we will be exploring.  Us and 10,000 other tourists...

Here's a sneak peak...


  1. So, what's the initial job? I know one of the goals is to hunt fresh game and keep the jerky business going. Just curious about how you'll make the transition in the meantime?

    I'm a little jealous - not necessarily about living in Alaska per se (although that's kinda cool too) - but that you guys are doing something so adventurous at this stage in life. Pretty cool, and I hope you guys have a great experience. :-)

  2. Brian, Brian got a job with a privatized Bus company.

    We all look at it like a big adventure and are looking forward to each day. Just getting the rest of us (and our stuff)there will be an adventure in and of itself.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for another installment of our Epic Adventure. Excellent adventure was already taken. Oh I'll just keep it simple and call it our Alaskan Adventure... ;)

    Thanks for your encouragement. Most people so far are excited for us, maybe a little (or a lot) jealous but not to worry, you can come too! You'll have a place to stay, the best fishing guide(s) around and get to have your own Alaskan Adventure too! :)