Thursday, March 5, 2015

Art and Creativity


“Unused creativity is dangerous.  It changes into things.”

“There is nothing that will bring grown people to their tears like a box of crayons.”

“85% of the men and women I’ve interviewed over 13 years remember something so shaming that happened in school that it changed how they thought of themselves as learners. 50% of those wounds were around art and creativity.”

“Stop grading art in school.”

Brene Brown

Still watching Brene Brown on youtube and the words coming out of her mouth are going straight to my heart.

One of the reasons I bake bread, and cook food for my family from scratch and make diaper bags and patch jeans and buy dishes and live on Pinterest is because I love the creative process.  

We as women by nature create.  So do men.  My hubby is one of the most creative people I know.  My dad can fix anything and make something from nothing.  My older brother is an amazing drafter and artist and his best friend Chris and his dad Tony were and are amazing artists too.  My SIL reports that her hubby, my baby brother can make something from nothing just like our dad.  My son loves to cook and create too, but is frustrated that he isn't as good of an artist as his older sister who can see something and draw it (and who can also hear a song like twice and know it).  

I love art.  My secret desire is to have an easel, tubes of paint, brushes and just create masterpieces. I love art in all ways.  Food, sunsets, drawing, dancing, singing, playing music... etc. 

Here's my new vehicle for art in our home...

I'ts a camera if you didn't figure that out.

I haven't taken it out of the box(es) yet.

I'm still wrestling with myself about whether or not I "need" it.  

Need vs. Want

I do have a need to create though so I guess I'm done wrestling.

*tap out*

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