Wednesday, November 28, 2012

elf on the shelf

Meet Christopher Popinkins.

He's our elf that has come to keep an eye on the children in our house so he can report back to Santa.

  He has become a beloved Christmas family tradition thanks to my leetle seester who brought Chris to our house a few years back.

Christopher likes to move around the house at night and surprise the kids each morning with his new watching spot.

He likes places up high.

Like the ceiling fan, and tops of cupboards and lamps and the top of our Christmas tree.

We love little Mr. Popinkins.

There are conversations in our house about where he will be next, is he too warm, remember last years hiding spots, etc.

He also delivers Christmas wish lists to Santa.  My 10 year old interviewed all her brothers and sisters and made a list for everyone so she can give the list to Christopher.

the scribe has the longest list...

I love the innocence of youth.

LOVE it!

P.S. Christopher will be popping around the blog watching you, too.

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